Friday, 16 June 2017


When the deep dark black night sky without stars in it comes out the Taniwha comes out too. The Taniwha was so scary because he was a mean big Taniwha and people wouldn't go out at night because they might be the Taniwha’s roast.  

On one sunny morning in a small village a boy called Tamarereti was hungry and his family was too. So Tamarereti looked in his kete and there were no more fish left. Tamarereti’s stomach was rumbling with hunger so he went to his waka and went to fish. After that the wind dived down and Tamarereti caught three medium fish and was exhausted so he took a moe in his waka when the wind went away. After Tamarereti had a moe he woke up on a beach and was scared of the Taniwha so Tamarereti quickly lit a fire, cooked his fish, and ate it. In the corner of his eye he saw some shiny pebbles and a bright idea popped into Tamarereti’s mind. He got as many pebbles as he could hold. After Tamarereti got the shiny pebbles off the beach he threw them far in the sky and when he did that he could see the first light of dawn at his village. So when Tamarereti went back to his village he went to sleep. When Tamarereti woke up he got the biggest fright of Ranginui and how bright the sky was. Tamarereti said “I am sorry that I turned your dark sky into a bright sky.” Ranginui said “You know you shouldn't say sorry because you made my dark sky into a bright sky and now the Taniwha will not come out anymore”  Then Tamarereti said “oh ok.”

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  1. Hi Kenyan it's me Mia from room 12 I really like your Tamarereti story keep up the hard work. from Mia