Sunday, 16 April 2017

My Clay Work With My Cousin And My Aunty

On the first Saturday of the holidays I went with my Aunty and my Cousin to make some clay work in my Aunty's studio. First we had to draw what we are going to make on a pice of paper. Next we got some clay and put some water on the clay so the clay did't dry up. Then we started to make what we wanted to make and what we drew on the pice of paper. After that we had a break we had some juice and some cheese chips. Then we went back to work. I made a dog, a shallow bowl and a candle pot and my Cousin made a big fish. This is what it look like.


  1. Hi Keyana, what a fun way to start the holidays. You are so lucky to have such creative family to inspire you. When I was your age I use to really enjoy making things with clay as well. Why did you choose to make a dog? I can't wait to read about the rest of your holidays keep up the great sharing.
    From Miss Davis

  2. Hi Keyana I am thinking that was fun like you wanted it to be
    with your cousin and with your aunty.