Thursday, 14 June 2018

The Seven Sisters

In a far away land there lived seven sisters. The seven sisters lived in a beautiful whare. The whare was in a big village.

Every year six of the seven sisters made kites, because the little sister Matariki was too young to make a kite but this year Matariki was old enough to make a kite. So the seven sisters made their kites. The first sister made her kite out of the beautiful green harakeke bush.The second sisters kite was orange and it was made out of a beautiful raupo bush.The third sister had a pink kite and the kite was made out of a manuka tree. The fourth sister made her kite out of puriri tree and her kite was red.The fifth sister’s kite was blue the colour of the river. The sixth sister made her kite out the lovely toetoe bush and the kite was white.The seventh sister Matariki made her kite colourful.

When the seven sisters finished making their kites they put on their warm coats and went to fly their kites.The seven sisters trudged up a high hill and tried to fly their kites. But Tawhirimatea (the wind) wasn't there so the seven sisters tied their kites to a tree and went to sleep. When the seven sisters went to sleep Tawhirimatea came and the kites flew away. Suddenly Matariki woke up and saw that the kites were gone. Matariki cried and the sound of Matariki crying woke her sisters. Matariki looked up to the sky and saw the kites. Then the oldest sister said to Matariki “ Matariki see those stars they are your stars and every new year they will shine brighter than the brightest stars”. So every maori new year the seven stars will shine brighter than the brightest stars in the night sky. THE END.