Thursday, 14 September 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


This is mine and my friends reading activity.I hope you enjoyed  making our interview about the character in the story.

Friday, 8 September 2017

My Letter.

Name: Keyana

School:  Pt England
Address: 130 Pt England Rd, Pt England, Auckland 1072, New Zealand
Date: 6/9/17
Malo e lelei Greer.

I’m so happy that I am replying to you. My favourite colours  is blue and green.How did you feel when you fell over  when you were ice skating?  I went to stardome and it was very fun. Do you know what stardome is? My favorite animal is a giraffe. What is your favourite animal?.In my production I am a penguin. Have you been in a production?. I have a pet it is a cat.Do you have a pet?.
I hope you enjoyed

From Keyana

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How To Make A Clock

Friday, 1 September 2017

The Stardome

Yesterday, all the Year 3s and Year 4s got on a bus to go to the Stardome.The trip to Stardome was fun because my bus was the first one to Stardome. We were singing in the bus and it was fun. At the time my bus was at Stardome everyone was still coming.When everyone came we went over some rules and ate and played in the park.

At the Stardome, we learned some really cool things about our solar system. We learnt that when the earth is facing away from the sun it’s night and if we had a model of the solar system earth would be smaller   than a hand ball.  After we learnt about that we had a quiz on an ipad and it was fun.

When we weren’t in the Stardome, we were having fun outside. On the park I was on the octopus then the swing. I was happy that we got to play on the park and the flying fox. When we went inside I wanted to stay outside and play because I loved playing on the flying fox.

After all this, we headed back to Point England School.

When we were going back I nearly fell asleep. I was  happy that we went to Stardome. I enjoyed the trip back to Pt England.